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The closest grocery stores are Jacksons Food Stores, Quality Food Center and New Seasons Market Mercer Island.

Nearby coffee shops include Starbucks, Mc Donald's and Einstein Bros Bagels.

If you say “Male is a person with a penis” and “female is someone with a vagina” there are people who have both penises AND vaginas in the same naturally occurring body.

There are also people with indeterminate genders, such as micro-penises, macro-clitorises, no vagina and no penis and other not-frequently-occurring but still natural combinations.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx Live in Dublin almost 15 years!!! Hi,i would like to meet some one who like and understand joke but sometimes is good to be a bit serious!!!

;) First date i would like have good time and if is gonna be second time hmm, even better!!!

The city was established in 1724 by a Spanish soldier, Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, as a strategic move amidst the Spanish-Portuguese dispute over the platine region. Montevideo hosted all the matches during the first FIFA World Cup.This city met with no resistance from the Spanish until 1723, when they began to place fortifications on the elevations around Montevideo Bay.On 22 November 1723, Field Marshal Manuel de Freitas da Fonseca of Portugal built the Montevieu fort.Sunny western exposure, buy as separate parcel or can purchase additional adjoining lot and home MLS#210443 to the south for more possibilities. Property lines are staked with posts and orange tape.Nearby schools include St Monica School, Mercer Island High School and Children's Institute For Learning Differences.Maybe you want to define “” genetically as “Male has an XY chromosome pair” and “Female has an XX chromosome pair” that still does not account for other chromosomal arrangements that appear naturally, though less frequently, in nature, such as X, Y, XXY, XXYY, XXX, XXXX and XXXXX.