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The term originally referred to messages sent using the Short Message Service (SMS).
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In case you missed it, last week the Tinder PR people had a bit of a meltdown.The match that lit the fire was an article in Vanity Fair that suggested the online dating platform was hastening the "dating apocalypse" by offering singletons' an abundance of short term liaisons. Not so, screamed Tinder from its Twitter account, before launching a stream of on-message missives about how "Tinder creates experiences" and "meaningful connections" (the tirade, though heartfelt, eventually prompted an admittance from the company that it had perhaps "overreacted").And yet, the name Tinder is now so synonymous with online dating that's it's almost a generic trademark, like Hoover and Sellotape. Only the other day, a perfectly respectable colleague in her mid-40s turned to me and said "Willard, is it swiping right or swiping left that's the good one or the bad one on Tinder?" (As any Telegraph reader should know, the easy way to remember is Left – think: the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn and Bolshevism – is the bad one, and Right -Thatcher, the Union flag, Apple pie – the good.) My colleague is hardly the typical Tinder user I'd imagined – she's in her early 40s, divorced and very successful – but since getting on the app she's met plenty of lovely guys in a similar position.Tinder can be such a horrific landscape of crotch shots and misspelled "compliments" about the way your breasts look in your profile pic that it's hard to believe anyone has actually met a life partner on there. spoke with four women who found everything they were looking for in the place the last place they expected to find it: Tinder."I still can't believe I met my future husband on an app, especially since I didn't even write a profile and just had a few photos up there.At one point, I had a different date every night and Tinder almost started to feel like an addiction. Kurt first wrote me in July 2014, saying, 'Hi there' with a smiley face.I didn't respond right away, so next morning he wrote again and said, 'Good morning!

Even as dating sites have become ubiquitous, the start point for millions of stories that end in happily-ever-after marriage, it's still a bit taboo for some people. Just like a young couple, Tinder needed a slice of good fortune to become successful.At the same time, some couples find that digital tools facilitate communication and support.A majority of those in couples maintain their own separate email and social media accounts, though a smaller number report sharing accounts and calendars. The broad statistical picture looks like this: As a broad pattern, those who have been married or partnered ten years or less have digital communication and sharing habits that differ substantially from those who have been partnered longer.It's not just TV execs either – everyone from me to your teenage cousin to Olympic gold medallists are using it – and they're not ashamed of it either.Hence Amy Williams, who won gold in the bob skeleton at the 2010 Winter Games for Britain, seems positively proud of meeting her handsome soldier husband through the app; and why shouldn't she?The internet, cell phones, and social media have become key actors in the life of many American couples— the 66% of adults who are married or in committed relationships.