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I’m not saying Ellis struggles with longer runs, just that he came in long enough to do some great work and quit while he was ahead.

Remender I think is trying to not go as dark as he has with Uncanny X-Force, despite the similar tones of the teams, and I think it will work against him because this book should be dark and gritty.

I hate the women and am glad his girlfriend is gone. Cole has been well defined for what he is, but the supporting cast is just there.

The art just got too dark in this issue and it made it seem more cluttered.

BY LIA ROMEO Nora Ephron was undeniably one of the greats of both romance and comedy, the intersection of which is where I find myself writing most often. One of her well-known quotes – and something she originally learned from her mother – was: “Everything is copy” … meaning everything that happens to you is potential eventual fodder for your writing. To me, this is one of the most wonderful things about being a writer.

When I started working on my first novel, Dating the Devil, I’d just broken up with a long-term boyfriend, moved out of the comfortable apartment we shared together, and into a room in a fifth-floor walkup with two “eccentric” roommates. One of them liked to sleep on the living room floor with her boyfriend “because it was too hot in her room,” and the other liked to come home in drunken rages, break mirrors in the hallway, and pound on our doors demanding that we let him in “to talk.” I was also dating – a lot – for the first time in several years, which was mostly awful. So … it wasn’t an easy time.

You were an Angel, complete with wings, a shield, and a kind personality. “Angels date other angels to make baby angels.” Kira offered, giving you a small smile which you just returned a confused face. Peter was the one who had suggested that you tell your friends about your relationship. Even Allison and Lydia, the two girls who were urging you to get a boyfriend, didn’t believe you.

Jan also worked for Google for three years and has Internet sales/marketing training.It’s a great way to open a team up humbled, but at the same time…half of the team Remender is using were the team he inherited. Ellis was doing really great single shot stories, which were awesome after all the crap that came before, but I think the biggest benefit he had to his run was the length of it.I dunno, Guy was the one hassling the appointed leader and talking about how he could do it better because of this that and whatever. He came in, told the stories he wanted to tell, and left before the quality could take a hit. Kardys’ diverse book publishing career included executive positions at ten of the major book publishers – Doubleday, St.Martin’s Press, Scholastic, Macmillan, Scribner’s, Little, Brown & Company, Warner Books, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Lippincott & Crowell, Publishers, Simon & Schuster/Prentice Hall and Condé Nast Publications.” While Rihanna is no stranger to calling out false rumors, the songstress continues to remain mum regarding the news of her romance with Lewis Hamilton.