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Dating a vegetarian guy

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In a survey of 1,000 men and women around the UK, 34% of people said that they would not be up for dating a vegan - a person who omits meat, fish and dairy from their diet, among other animal-based products.

Men tended to be more bothered by a partner’s veganism than women, showing less enthusiasm at the prospect of giving up a hangover fry up or a roast dinner on a Sunday.

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That being said, dating a vegan may require a bit more compromising than you're used to.

While they’re all proud to have gone vegan, the men all agree on one thing: They’ve been made to feel “unmanly” for doing it.5 percent of the population is vegetarian, 2 percent is vegan, and one can both order a veggie burger at Burger King and shell out 0 for a vegetarian tasting menu.

But as meat-free food options have increased, can the same be said of carnivores’ acceptance of meat-free people?

But despite the number of cruelty-free consumers increasing by more than 360 per cent over a ten year period, a new study has found that a third of meat eaters would be put off by dating a vegan.

While most singles consider looks, personality and career success as some of the top qualities to look for in a potential partner, a new survey by dating app True View has found that for many people, eating habits can make or break a relationship.