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Current recordset does not support updating access

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reading the help it seems i should be able to make changes to the table. Property Type) Msg Box "property changed", vb OKOnly, "debug" Else Msg Box "good property", vb OKOnly, "debug" End If rst. Close am i using the wrong combination or cursor and lock type here?

This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype. I've stripped out much of the code, leaving the pertinent (I hope) info. The error appears to be quite self-explanatary, but I've read about the locktype an it seems correct. I just want to find out if the record is on file and if not, add it, otherwise I'll update it. Thanks, Hexman --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imports System. i'm getting this message when i try and change a record in a table via a recordset... but i am using Cursor Type = ad Lock Optimistic which i thought let you make changes to the table here is my code so far Dim rst As ADODB. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & txt Database Dir & "HRMDB. Command Type Cmd Text 'create and open record set POrst Data = New ADODB. So, i think if segmentaion_id is tried to modify for vlan and gre network_types it should Under “Networks multiple provider extension” , it is stated that the provider attributes cannot be updated.